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Rachel Bagley Therapist

Several years ago, I suffered a serious knee injury after crashing on my mountain bike. During recovery, pain jolted me awake at night. One night, the pain woke me up, and, as I reached for the pill bottle, I remembered something I’d learned in a Qi Gong workshop: look toward the pain rather than away from it. I put the bottle down, simply put my hand on my knee and, for the first time, looked at the wound with curiosity rather than fear. Relief was instant. Accepting the pain diminished its power.

This incident intrigued me and led me to question how our thoughts and fears influence the experience of acute or chronic stress and trauma. The mantra of looking toward the pain rather than away from it became a foundational idea for my work as a therapist. I provide a supportive place for people to experience and examine their own pain, so they can heal and rediscover their whole and authentic selves.

My therapy practice is based on the belief that every individual is innately good and strives toward balance. From a place of gentle support, I provide a space in which clients can explore and be curious about their lives and relationships. I use therapeutic tools that help my clients connect to their physical bodies, which, in turn, connects them to deeper insights than talk therapy alone could provide.

Drawing from both Eastern and Western philosophies, I compliment my counseling practice with my own experience as a mother, world traveler, athlete, yoga practitioner, meditator, and fellow human navigating this wild world.

I earned a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health from Portland State University, and I am a nationally-certified counselor. I have studied Interpersonal Neurobiology extensively, and I have completed the Hakomi, Attachment, and ReCreation of the Self trainings through META, where I also completed a year-long internship. I’m also trained in EMDR. I specialize in working with both complex and acute trauma, life transitions, relational issues, attachment wounds, anxiety, depression, and finding authentic meaning in life.

I’m fluent in Spanish and I welcome all forms of diversity. I work with individual adults and couples.

As a registered licensed professional counselor intern in the state of Oregon, I am working toward licensure and am under the clinical supervision of Donna Roy LPC, CHT. I am happy to discuss this in further detail.


Experiential- Somatic- Mindful


Portland, Oregon

Rachel Bagley, MS, NCC, LPC Intern

503.810.5868 rachelbagleytherapy@gmail.com